Funge Family Law, LLC provides legal advice and representation at an hourly rate plus out-of pocket expenses.  As of January 1, 2020, Ann M. Funge’s hourly rate is $290 per hour.  Funge Family Law intentionally works to keep its overhead expenses reasonable to pass on those savings to its clients.  Funge Family Law does not charge flat fees nor does it change its hourly rates depending upon the size of your case or your income.  The minimum billing increment for work performed is 6 minutes, or 0.1 hour.  Out-of-pocket expenses may include, but are not limited to, filing fees, process server fees, deposition costs, witness fees, transcripts, printing costs, extraordinary postage, delivery fees, copies, travel expenses, and computer assisted legal research.  Depending on the nature and complexity of your case, other expenses may be necessary, such as fees for private investigators, appraisers, accountants, custody evaluators, independent medical examiners, or other experts, although such persons typically will be hired directly by you, if necessary.

Initial consultations are performed at Ann’s hourly rate. Initial consultations range in length from 0.75 to 2 hours depending on your case.  Unless you prefer otherwise, you will be requested to bring certain information and documentation, such as a rough estimate of your monthly household budget, your most recent tax return and, if applicable, paystub, with you to the consultation.  That way, we are better informed as to your specific circumstances and better able to advise you of what to expect throughout the legal process.  We aim to make the initial consultation as informative as possible.

Funge Family Law, LLC may be used on a consultation basis or retained as legal representation.  Representation does not begin until a signed fee agreement and retainer are received.  The retainer amount depends on the issues involved in and the complexity of your case.  The retainer amount is not an estimate of the total cost of your case.  Retainers must be paid by cash or check and serve as security against fees for legal services performed in the future.  You may use a credit card to pay for legal services after they are rendered.  As your retainer is depleted, we request that you replenish it.  Any unused retainer amount remaining at the conclusion of Funge Family Law’s service to you will be refunded.  At no time can Funge Family Law guarantee a certain result.