You must transition yourself and your family into a new living arrangement.  You must learn and understand the laws and legal procedures that govern family and divorce matters so you are aware of your rights and obligations.  While experiencing strong emotional turmoil, you must make informed, short- and long-term decisions regarding legal, financial, and practical matters.  All of this is time-consuming and overwhelming.  Of utmost importance to you and your family are the consequences of those decisions.  Knowledgeable legal counsel helps you successfully anticipate, consider, and execute those decisions.  At Funge Family Law, LLC, we are both your guide and your advocate.  We help you to understand your specific options and their related consequences at each step of the process.  We then give you the advice you need to consider those options.  Once you have elected a course of action, we work with you and on your behalf to attain the desired result.  At all times, we are attentive to you and your family’s individual issues and needs.


Many roads lead to the same destination.  And, those roads are rarely as smooth and conflict free as one hopes.  Knowing what to expect along each path, which path to pursue, and, importantly, which paths not to pursue, is essential to directing and navigating the effects of your changed relationship.  Depending on your personal objectives and circumstances, as well as the issues involved in your specific case, sometimes the best route forward is a negotiated settlement.  At other times, a mediation or arbitration is best.  Yet, at still other times, litigation is the optimal, or only, way to protect yourself, your children, and your rights.  In all situations, Funge Family Law, LLC, has the experience and expertise to serve you.  Together, we will work to obtain the best possible family law outcome for you and your family’s future.